Monday, January 31, 2011

Loving the Winter?

Love is in the air as we approach Valentines Day... or is it? About this time of year all I hear are complaints about the weather. "Ugg, please no more snow", "Too cold", "Wish the sun would come out.", "Not another snow day with the kids home!", "Can't wait for summer, my body doesn't do well in the cold!", "I need a vacation to a warmer place.".... It doesn't feel much like love around here on Cape Cod. Not too many Cape Codders agree with me, but I love the cold...especially when we get lots of snow!
 I am from up state New York. No, I mean the real up state New York... right in the snow belt of Lake Ontario where winter lasted for at least 7 months and the snow was amazing. The snow lasted ALL winter. We made tunnels and underground forts. We would ice skate on lakes and snow mobile. We went to school in all kinds of weather. People knew how to drive on ice and snow because in drivers ed class the teacher would slam the brakes on when on ice to teach us how to properly handle the car in the winter. There was always ice on the roads. When April rolled around and we still had snow on the ground it was understandable why there would be complaints about the cold and wishes for warmer weather! And about that time we DID wish for warmth. But now, early February on Cape Cod I am loving the weather. I am happy to have snow and cold and ice. I am loving sledding and shoveling and wintry walks on the beach. I did learn a thing or two about enjoying and surviving the winter from my experience growing up in up state NY.

I learned that it is important to really listen to your body this time of year.  During the winter months when sunshine is less available thousands of people suffer from what is called SAD (seasonal effect disorder), causing depression.  It is also easy to get sedentary and complacent in the winter which means less exercise also causing depression. When we are depressed we see ourselves and the whole world differently.  So what can we do to prevent this? After all we have 2 months to go here on Cape Cod and if we are unhappy now, how on earth are we going to turn that around to enjoying this time of year? If you have kids, I'd start by scheduling some outdoor "family fun"... sledding, skiing, snow angels... the list goes on and on! If you don't have kids, remember what you used to like to do in the winter when you were a kid and DO it!! Don't use excuses like I am too old or it is too cold. Just get out side and let your self enjoy the gifts of winter.
Kids Winter Handbook, The (Family Fun)
When you are inside during the winter there are so many things you can do to listen to what your body needs and treat yourself with love. This February you can watch yourself begin to fall in love with winter.  My love affair with creating healing formulas began in the winter months. I began spending time making formulas to heal myself. Spending time doing things to take care of yourself is so very important this time of year. Make a list. What do you enjoy doing indoors? What makes you feel happy? What feeds your soul? 
Some of the things on my list are: 
Taking a Bath, Doing Yoga, Creating healthy meals and remedies, Writing, Designing, Getting a Facial or Massage, Drinking Hot Tea and Reading, Dancing.... the list goes on and on. 

Create your own winter"To Do" list. 
Let WELSTAR help with some of our wonderful "wintertime inspired" products. 

Here is to a Happy Valentines Day and to Falling in Love with Winter.
Be Well. Mahara
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