Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life IS change

What is it about change that gets us all so anxious when the truth of the matter is, life is change. Without change there is no life! Everything in and around us is always changing, a constant flow of energy shifting and growing.

We are currently in a state on earth of accelerated change. Most of us can feel this is true. Change has always been there, but accelerated change is what we are experiencing right now. The Mayan calender tells us that Dec 21, 2012 marks the start of time in which Earth and its inhabitants will undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation and a global shift in consciousness. Many of today's spiritual leaders are speaking of this and helping to guide us to better adapt to change and learn to embrace a higher this consciousness. What we are beginning to see and feel as we approach this time is a higher awareness, more connection to all that is and compassion for all life.

How do we adapt and go with these changes? It is important now more than ever to embrace change. Remember how the caterpillar may feel as it is about to change into a butterfly... No matter how dark or grim the moment of change feels, remember that "it is those who have known the darkness who love the light the most"! Use Dr. Deepak Chopra's "law of least effort". If you try to travel against the flow you will get nowhere and tired fast. It will feel like treading water. Easier, would it be, to just lie on your back and float along with the flow. If you can't control it, just let go. In other words surrender to change. Surrender to life. Open yourself to being one with all.

To create the changes you want in your life set intentions to the highest and best to all beings. Remember that your word is your wand. What you think and speak today becomes your tomorrow. You are powerful beyond your wildest imagination. One person DOES make a difference!

Your life is changing. Enjoy the ride!

Be Well.

Here is a product that you might enjoy using to create positive change in your life:
Magic Aromatic spell oil
Inviting change and manifesting the new into your life, while working with the energy of the new moon, is a very good way to create transformation. It has been said, that in order to cultivate a new and better habit or just learn something new in general, it takes 21 days to do this (the length of the moon cycle). The new moon represents new beginnings and is a good time to plant seeds of intention. Working with the new moon energy brings great change.

Magic Aromatic is made only on the new moon and is infused with new moon energy through an intention ritual.  I ask that whoever uses Magic Aromatic will be using new moon energy to manifest for the highest and best to all.

To use Magic Aromatic, focus on what you want to invite into your life, imagine it, put Magic Aromatic on yourself like a perfume, allow it to infuse your invitation into you and continue to use Magic Aromatic as often as you like until your invitation is manifested in your life.  Be thankful.
To ensure success – focus on only one invitation at a time and be specific.