Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life IS change

What is it about change that gets us all so anxious when the truth of the matter is, life is change. Without change there is no life! Everything in and around us is always changing, a constant flow of energy shifting and growing.

We are currently in a state on earth of accelerated change. Most of us can feel this is true. Change has always been there, but accelerated change is what we are experiencing right now. The Mayan calender tells us that Dec 21, 2012 marks the start of time in which Earth and its inhabitants will undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation and a global shift in consciousness. Many of today's spiritual leaders are speaking of this and helping to guide us to better adapt to change and learn to embrace a higher this consciousness. What we are beginning to see and feel as we approach this time is a higher awareness, more connection to all that is and compassion for all life.

How do we adapt and go with these changes? It is important now more than ever to embrace change. Remember how the caterpillar may feel as it is about to change into a butterfly... No matter how dark or grim the moment of change feels, remember that "it is those who have known the darkness who love the light the most"! Use Dr. Deepak Chopra's "law of least effort". If you try to travel against the flow you will get nowhere and tired fast. It will feel like treading water. Easier, would it be, to just lie on your back and float along with the flow. If you can't control it, just let go. In other words surrender to change. Surrender to life. Open yourself to being one with all.

To create the changes you want in your life set intentions to the highest and best to all beings. Remember that your word is your wand. What you think and speak today becomes your tomorrow. You are powerful beyond your wildest imagination. One person DOES make a difference!

Your life is changing. Enjoy the ride!

Be Well.

Here is a product that you might enjoy using to create positive change in your life:
Magic Aromatic spell oil
Inviting change and manifesting the new into your life, while working with the energy of the new moon, is a very good way to create transformation. It has been said, that in order to cultivate a new and better habit or just learn something new in general, it takes 21 days to do this (the length of the moon cycle). The new moon represents new beginnings and is a good time to plant seeds of intention. Working with the new moon energy brings great change.

Magic Aromatic is made only on the new moon and is infused with new moon energy through an intention ritual.  I ask that whoever uses Magic Aromatic will be using new moon energy to manifest for the highest and best to all.

To use Magic Aromatic, focus on what you want to invite into your life, imagine it, put Magic Aromatic on yourself like a perfume, allow it to infuse your invitation into you and continue to use Magic Aromatic as often as you like until your invitation is manifested in your life.  Be thankful.
To ensure success – focus on only one invitation at a time and be specific.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Unconditional LOVE

We often think of our pets when the term unconditional love is spoken. They just love us no matter what we do. When I think of unconditional love I know that it heals. I have felt it. It is why on every product label I include love in the contents, it's in there. It is why my logo exclaims, "Treat it with love". But what exactly is unconditional love and how can we attain it?

A wonderful memory from my childhood came to me a couple of days ago while I was attending a blessing meditation. It reminded me of who I am and what my life focus is.  I must have been about 12 years old. I was at a spiritual (Christian based) youth retreat. I remember doing group hands on healing. We divided into two groups, one group sat in a circle holding hands while the second group stood around the outside. We took turns placing hands on heads and blessing each person in the circle. It was a continuous flow moving from one person to another with loving intention. Once all the kids sitting had been blessed by all the kids standing we switched places until everyone had given a healing blessing to everyone and received a healing blessing from everyone. This practice prompted unconditional love. The feelings I remember are a oneness and pure connection to all. A sense of approval and belonging. All judgement, loneliness and fear melted in the warmth of this fulfilling experience. I felt alive and at peace. This was the first time I remember feeling unconditional love. I grew up to realize it is a mission of mine to learn how to practice unconditional love, to allow it to flow in my life, from me and to me.

This is easier said than done. For some strange reason our culture and society does not embrace unconditional love, when at the same time we all crave it deeply. It is what every child thrives on, yet typically we raise them by placing value on their behavior, grades, and accomplishments. We use rewards and punishments to shape their behavior and to show them we "love" them. We teach them that they must earn our approval. In this way, children (even infants) learn that they are loved when they please us. We grow up to focus on what others do for us and give to us. We show our love by what we do and give. We look for approval for what we have done and what we have given. We value ourselves and others based on what we have accomplished and what we possess. Yet deep in our core we all just want to be loved for being.

Practicing unconditional love in life means accepting who you and others are without having to do anything. It means loving by listening, respecting, accepting and being honest. Unconditional love is self integrity. It means letting go of expectations, criticism, judgement, threats and bribes. It's loving without all those strings attached. Unconditional love is the opposite of fear, suffering, injustice, jealousy and sickness. Unconditional love heals. It encompasses kindness, compassion, peace and wellness. Unconditional love brings joy, enthusiasm and life that is alive....and yet... with all it's wonderment, practicing unconditional love means stepping outside the box and behaving in a way that is unfamiliar. You don't have to bless everyone you see with a laying on of hands, rather you can start right at home with yourself and loved ones by noticing how you express your love towards yourself and others. Make steps towards releasing expectations and judgement . Let go of threats and punishments. Try instead to reason with love and kindness. Express your love just because. Express it again. Express it again... and again... 

Be well.

PS- Although all my products are made with and contain LOVE, I have one very special product I call Luv Poshun. When I make it, I infuse this Luv Poshun with unconditional love through a blessing and prayer. It also gets infused under the full moon with rose quartz. It comes it both a roll on and as a concentrate pure essential oil blend. It's aroma is appealing to both men and women. When you use this product as directed it envelopes you in pure love!

Luv Poshun desires oil       Luv Poshun essential oil synergy 

How to use essentail oil Synergies (like Luv Poshun)

This is info on the blessing I had that prompted my childhood memory:
One Light Center for spiritual transformation

Some other links about unconditional LOVE and the Oneness movement.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I have always liked my privacy and although I love the light,  I have this thing, like I am being watched if the window shades are wide open. I can't help but wonder, where does that come from? and what is it I do not want "them" to see? My little production workshop/business (and for awhile my home as well) used to be in the womb (basement level) of an old carriage house down around behind and in back of a large, on the street business. It was very private. In fact, I'd often be in the middle of making a cream when out of the corner of my eye, alarmed, I'd see a customer coming and I say to myself, "Oh shit, a customer!" If the shop was closed and I was in my PJ's and someone came to the door, I'd drop to the floor and hold my breath, praying they wouldn't see or hear me and go away! Really, I was lucky if I had a customer, but it seemed that often, it was after my somewhat limited shop hours or it was when I was right in the middle of making something that required my attention. My business managed to survive in that little private space for about 15 years. 
Then I sprung out of my womb into this very tall, right on the main drag, yellow Victorian home...with lots of light and big windows. I instantly fell in love with the open, airy and bright atmosphere. (Even the basement, our current WELSTAR product workshop, is light.) That was before it was not only our business but our home. We have been living here now for about 16 months. I am still in a bit of hiding, as impossible as that seems, in this front and center home. What is it "they" might see when the windows are open? ... something dark perhaps? With the beautiful sunshine we have had recently, we have taken advantage of all the light and warmth by opening the shades on the windows fully during the sunny part of the day. I have felt that wave of anxiety mixed with the soothing sensation of openness and light. I have been pushing past that discomfort to let the light in to all my dark little corners (that seem to grow worse in the darker months of the year). I watch our cats and dogs gravitate to the light and the open windows. I watch my daughter do the same. It is what we all look forward to when we begin to long for summer to come again.

How do I fully open my windows to let the light shine in?  Live with self integrity and let go of ego.  This is my current challenge.  I offer it to you as well. What can we do to free ourselves from the chains of our ego and programmed expectations of ourselves? I can't help but sing the same song... Listen to what your Body needs and treat it with Love... Our bodies are such gifts. They always let us know when we are not living our truth. Check in with your body. What does it need? Right now I need more sun and exercise. I need more relaxation and play. I need more time for creating. I need heartfelt like minded connection.

That's it. My windows are open. You are going to see more of me. I am going to feel the fear and do it anyway. 
Enjoy the light!

Be Well. Mahara

-One of my favorite Herbal Remedies, A-B Heart tincture gets me through when I am anxious or down. My quote on the bottle,  "It is those who have known the darkness who love the light the most." 
-Another one of my favorite formulas I use to let the light in is Morning Glory essential oil synergy. 
A hot bath always revives me, especially when I use one of my Synergies for true aromatherapy benefits.
- A book I read over 20 years ago still has so much to teach and remind me.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trace Amounts

It is only trace amounts. Trace amounts of radiation, trace amounts of chemical food dyes, preservatives and hormones  in our food, Air pollution contains trace amounts of diesel exhaust, coal products, and other toxic industrial substances, trace amounts of chlorine and fluoride in our water, trace amounts of mercury in high fructose corn syrup, trace amounts of mercury, aluminum, thimerosal, aspartame and monosodium glutamate in vaccines, trace amounts of pesticides and poison in the earth and produce we eat and trace amounts of cancer causing chemicals in all conventional personal care products lining the shelves of supermarkets and drug stores.The list of trace amounts we are exposed to is endless.
What is in your products?
  OK, so we have been told that trace amounts of harmful chemicals are not a concern. The human body can handle these small amounts of toxins. We are told the amount is negligible, basically like nothing. BUT, doesn't all the trace amounts of all this stuff ADD up? We are essentially being bombarded by trace amounts of toxic stuff continuously. In nature, a small low pressure stream of water can eat away and erode the land over time. These trace amounts of toxic chemicals are building up in our bodies and in the earth. Over time they are no longer in trace amounts. They weaken, damage, harm and they kill. We are killing ourselves and the earth with these trace amounts, and not so trace amounts of toxic chemicals.
Creepy Reality
It feels overwhelming. How can we do anything about it if in fact these trace amounts are so prevalent? Well it would seem clear that less exposure would be better. Cutting back on the trace amounts of toxins that we come in contact with and expose the planet to is essential.
Where do you think the toxins end up?
   The first step is awareness. We need to open our eyes and see what is there. There are some things we can not avoid. There are some choices that our everyday existence seems to be dependent on like driving your car, or using your cell phone. It is when we have a choice and when that choice doesn't interfere or disrupt our lifestyle, that the decision should clearly be to opt away from using, consuming and supporting  toxic substances. So when we open our eyes where do we find these toxins that we can avoid by opting for a non-toxic alternative? When making changes I always like to start with what ever feels the easiest. Look to avoid toxins in the food you eat and the products you consume through topical application. Choose natural and organic. Choose no GMO (genetically modified). Choose no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or additives. Simply put, read your ingredients, and don't consume toxic chemicals. If you don't know what an ingredient is, find out. Look it up. If you are reading this, you have access to all the information you need on the ingredients in your consumable products through the Internet. Your choices matter to your health and the health of the planet. Think about the future of our children and their children. Show you care.

Be Well. Mahara

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rebirth of life

The aroma of new life fills the air as Springs inception begins. No matter what else is going on in your world, there is an uplifting sensation when Spring begins and the air is filled with the subtle distant scent of tomorrows flowers. I too am feeling an emergence of expectancy and optimism. 
Each Spring I am reminded of New Beginnings.  It brings rebirth into the present. I believe that life comes in cycles like nature. In the Spring, I reflect upon the past cycles of life lessons and become filled with inspiration for a brighter today and a better tomorrow. This year Spring for me is the beginning phase (seeding time) of the 3rd life cycle since I started my journey in creating healing formulas. I realize this is a very special time. The seeds I plant now will bring the harvest of my actions in the years to come, and if the ground work I lay is of the highest intent my harvest will provide a more balanced life. 

Inherent in my life path is serving humanity and all beings by having a constructive influence, to educate and help heal the unbalance and sickness in our world. This is my passion. I love the work that I am doing and want to continue to serve and educate towards a better world. I continue to create ways to reach out and give a message of love, compassion and balance. 

My life work cycles from learning to help myself, to learning how to help others, to reminding and guiding others to help themselves and helping those who can not speak for themselves.  I continue to learn that above all I need to "listen to what my body needs and treat it with love" first, then I can in wholeness reach out to others. To do this I need to remove my blinders and become educated and aware in the choices I make everyday. How do my choices effect my body? How do my choices effect my loved ones? How do my choices effect the world? 

This Spring I invite you to live life with new un-covered eyes. See the choices you make everyday in the perspective of how those choices matter to your health and the health of the planet.

Happy Spring springing!
Be Well.

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PSS- There is nothing like the smell of Spring to inspire you. 
These are my Spring time inspired 
WELSTAR aromatherapy formulas:

 Morning Glory: Sweet delicate floral, light citrus, woody undertones. Heart opening.
 Awareness: Clean, soft, herbaceous, fresh floral. Refreshing and insightful.
 Cape Breeze: Light, clean, sweet herbaceous, refreshing. Inspire joy.
 Harmony: Sweet, fruity, spicy floral. Brings cheer.
Magic Aromatic: Fresh, herbaceous, sensuous. Evokes new beginnings

Use them as perfume, to scent your room &/or in your bath and body care products! 
Aromatherapy Lamp, Electric Aroma Lamp
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Car Diffuser Aromatherapy
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Live your Passion

Dancing at the Falls in Ithaca, N.Y.

We just recently watched the TV series called “Live to Dance” and we shared it with our 8-year-old daughter, Trinnu. It was similar to American Idol, but it was a dance contest with no age restrictions. The contestants’ ages ranged from 7 to 70. The winners ended up being a 9-year-old “couple”, who flawlessly performed ballroom style dance routines.

At bedtime on the night the winners had been announced, Trinnu proclaimed, “I’ll never be famous.” She said that she is not nearly as talented as the kids on the show. I asked her if she remembered the name of the show. I asked her if she REALLY wanted to “Live to DANCE?  I explained to her that the most important thing is to love what you do. I told her that if she puts her heart into what ever she does and lives her passion she will be successful and…possibly famous!

Since that night, I have been doing a lot of reflecting on how this applies to me. I realize that I have been profoundly blessed in that I not only found my passion, but I live it. I love what I do. I began studying herbs and formulating remedies and skin care when I was seeking to improve my own health over 20 years ago. As my knowledge continues to grow, so does my passion for what I do.

What exactly do I do? Well, I formulate and create organic and natural remedies for healing and natural skin care products free of toxic synthetic chemicals. I educate folks on preventative health care and living in harmony with nature. I work individually doing hands on treatments for skin care and whole body wellness. And… I continue to learn as I go from each and everyone one I work with towards a balanced life.

Unlike Trinnu, I am not concerned about being “famous”, but success is important me. Success to me means loving what you do, living in harmony with nature and attaining financial balance. Just like nature, I feel success comes in waves or cycles. My job is to be present in the cycle, ride the waves and live my passion.

Be Well. Mahara 

To hear more watch this short video: 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Open Heart

I just recently saw Barbara Walters piece on 20/20 "A matter of life and death"discussing open heart surgery. Her interviews featured Bill Clinton, Robin Williams and David Letterman among others. Walters said that heart disease is America’s No.1 killer, and that half of the U.S. population will die from it. Each year, half a million Americans have their chests cracked open. With open heart surgery becoming commonplace we can easily envision an open heart as being cut and broken open leaving us vulnerable and weak. Emotionally an open heart can mean just that to many of us as well.

What does it really mean to have an open heart? How many of us are open to this in the fullest sense? Why is there so much congestion in our hearts? An open heart is all about being open to both giving and receiving love. When your heart is fully open you feel deeply. Your soul is connected to the heartbeat of life. In our society rich with materialism, deadlines and competition there is not much time or space to feel deeply. We just can't fully open our hearts to life. The times when we do, we may feel overwhelmed with all the built up energy that has been blocked, like a wave crashing down. To open we need to release those flood gates where we will eventually find the tranquility of lapping waves deep within. Imagine if we all stopped and opened to fully feeling the heartbeat of life for just one instant. The freedom and sudden connectedness to all that is would overcome us. This is what I'm talking about! Open Heart.

Let those random acts of kindness become less random. Let them be deliberate. Make a plan to be open to giving and receiving love. Go back to letting your heart be your guide. Put your heart into what ever you do. An open heart is not weak. An open heart heals. An open heart is beautiful.

Celebrate Valentines Day with an Open Heart. and by all means...
"Listen to what your Body needs & Treat it with Love."
Be Well.

All WELSTAR products are made with love. WELSTAR products are Cruelty Free, Natural and Organic. My intention is to be a light of healing for the planet and all who live on it. 
An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life 

If you or someone you know is struggling with heart disease:
A vegan diet is cholesterol free. It can both prevent and cure heart disease

Try going meat free one day a week for your health.  

If you or someone you know is struggling with a broken heart emotionally:
WELSTAR formula A-B Heart will restore the nervous system after loss or anxiety.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Loving the Winter?

Love is in the air as we approach Valentines Day... or is it? About this time of year all I hear are complaints about the weather. "Ugg, please no more snow", "Too cold", "Wish the sun would come out.", "Not another snow day with the kids home!", "Can't wait for summer, my body doesn't do well in the cold!", "I need a vacation to a warmer place.".... It doesn't feel much like love around here on Cape Cod. Not too many Cape Codders agree with me, but I love the cold...especially when we get lots of snow!
 I am from up state New York. No, I mean the real up state New York... right in the snow belt of Lake Ontario where winter lasted for at least 7 months and the snow was amazing. The snow lasted ALL winter. We made tunnels and underground forts. We would ice skate on lakes and snow mobile. We went to school in all kinds of weather. People knew how to drive on ice and snow because in drivers ed class the teacher would slam the brakes on when on ice to teach us how to properly handle the car in the winter. There was always ice on the roads. When April rolled around and we still had snow on the ground it was understandable why there would be complaints about the cold and wishes for warmer weather! And about that time we DID wish for warmth. But now, early February on Cape Cod I am loving the weather. I am happy to have snow and cold and ice. I am loving sledding and shoveling and wintry walks on the beach. I did learn a thing or two about enjoying and surviving the winter from my experience growing up in up state NY.

I learned that it is important to really listen to your body this time of year.  During the winter months when sunshine is less available thousands of people suffer from what is called SAD (seasonal effect disorder), causing depression.  It is also easy to get sedentary and complacent in the winter which means less exercise also causing depression. When we are depressed we see ourselves and the whole world differently.  So what can we do to prevent this? After all we have 2 months to go here on Cape Cod and if we are unhappy now, how on earth are we going to turn that around to enjoying this time of year? If you have kids, I'd start by scheduling some outdoor "family fun"... sledding, skiing, snow angels... the list goes on and on! If you don't have kids, remember what you used to like to do in the winter when you were a kid and DO it!! Don't use excuses like I am too old or it is too cold. Just get out side and let your self enjoy the gifts of winter.
Kids Winter Handbook, The (Family Fun)
When you are inside during the winter there are so many things you can do to listen to what your body needs and treat yourself with love. This February you can watch yourself begin to fall in love with winter.  My love affair with creating healing formulas began in the winter months. I began spending time making formulas to heal myself. Spending time doing things to take care of yourself is so very important this time of year. Make a list. What do you enjoy doing indoors? What makes you feel happy? What feeds your soul? 
Some of the things on my list are: 
Taking a Bath, Doing Yoga, Creating healthy meals and remedies, Writing, Designing, Getting a Facial or Massage, Drinking Hot Tea and Reading, Dancing.... the list goes on and on. 

Create your own winter"To Do" list. 
Let WELSTAR help with some of our wonderful "wintertime inspired" products. 

Here is to a Happy Valentines Day and to Falling in Love with Winter.
Be Well. Mahara
WELSTAR organics website