Friday, July 15, 2011

Unconditional LOVE

We often think of our pets when the term unconditional love is spoken. They just love us no matter what we do. When I think of unconditional love I know that it heals. I have felt it. It is why on every product label I include love in the contents, it's in there. It is why my logo exclaims, "Treat it with love". But what exactly is unconditional love and how can we attain it?

A wonderful memory from my childhood came to me a couple of days ago while I was attending a blessing meditation. It reminded me of who I am and what my life focus is.  I must have been about 12 years old. I was at a spiritual (Christian based) youth retreat. I remember doing group hands on healing. We divided into two groups, one group sat in a circle holding hands while the second group stood around the outside. We took turns placing hands on heads and blessing each person in the circle. It was a continuous flow moving from one person to another with loving intention. Once all the kids sitting had been blessed by all the kids standing we switched places until everyone had given a healing blessing to everyone and received a healing blessing from everyone. This practice prompted unconditional love. The feelings I remember are a oneness and pure connection to all. A sense of approval and belonging. All judgement, loneliness and fear melted in the warmth of this fulfilling experience. I felt alive and at peace. This was the first time I remember feeling unconditional love. I grew up to realize it is a mission of mine to learn how to practice unconditional love, to allow it to flow in my life, from me and to me.

This is easier said than done. For some strange reason our culture and society does not embrace unconditional love, when at the same time we all crave it deeply. It is what every child thrives on, yet typically we raise them by placing value on their behavior, grades, and accomplishments. We use rewards and punishments to shape their behavior and to show them we "love" them. We teach them that they must earn our approval. In this way, children (even infants) learn that they are loved when they please us. We grow up to focus on what others do for us and give to us. We show our love by what we do and give. We look for approval for what we have done and what we have given. We value ourselves and others based on what we have accomplished and what we possess. Yet deep in our core we all just want to be loved for being.

Practicing unconditional love in life means accepting who you and others are without having to do anything. It means loving by listening, respecting, accepting and being honest. Unconditional love is self integrity. It means letting go of expectations, criticism, judgement, threats and bribes. It's loving without all those strings attached. Unconditional love is the opposite of fear, suffering, injustice, jealousy and sickness. Unconditional love heals. It encompasses kindness, compassion, peace and wellness. Unconditional love brings joy, enthusiasm and life that is alive....and yet... with all it's wonderment, practicing unconditional love means stepping outside the box and behaving in a way that is unfamiliar. You don't have to bless everyone you see with a laying on of hands, rather you can start right at home with yourself and loved ones by noticing how you express your love towards yourself and others. Make steps towards releasing expectations and judgement . Let go of threats and punishments. Try instead to reason with love and kindness. Express your love just because. Express it again. Express it again... and again... 

Be well.

PS- Although all my products are made with and contain LOVE, I have one very special product I call Luv Poshun. When I make it, I infuse this Luv Poshun with unconditional love through a blessing and prayer. It also gets infused under the full moon with rose quartz. It comes it both a roll on and as a concentrate pure essential oil blend. It's aroma is appealing to both men and women. When you use this product as directed it envelopes you in pure love!

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