Thursday, March 3, 2011

Live your Passion

Dancing at the Falls in Ithaca, N.Y.

We just recently watched the TV series called “Live to Dance” and we shared it with our 8-year-old daughter, Trinnu. It was similar to American Idol, but it was a dance contest with no age restrictions. The contestants’ ages ranged from 7 to 70. The winners ended up being a 9-year-old “couple”, who flawlessly performed ballroom style dance routines.

At bedtime on the night the winners had been announced, Trinnu proclaimed, “I’ll never be famous.” She said that she is not nearly as talented as the kids on the show. I asked her if she remembered the name of the show. I asked her if she REALLY wanted to “Live to DANCE?  I explained to her that the most important thing is to love what you do. I told her that if she puts her heart into what ever she does and lives her passion she will be successful and…possibly famous!

Since that night, I have been doing a lot of reflecting on how this applies to me. I realize that I have been profoundly blessed in that I not only found my passion, but I live it. I love what I do. I began studying herbs and formulating remedies and skin care when I was seeking to improve my own health over 20 years ago. As my knowledge continues to grow, so does my passion for what I do.

What exactly do I do? Well, I formulate and create organic and natural remedies for healing and natural skin care products free of toxic synthetic chemicals. I educate folks on preventative health care and living in harmony with nature. I work individually doing hands on treatments for skin care and whole body wellness. And… I continue to learn as I go from each and everyone one I work with towards a balanced life.

Unlike Trinnu, I am not concerned about being “famous”, but success is important me. Success to me means loving what you do, living in harmony with nature and attaining financial balance. Just like nature, I feel success comes in waves or cycles. My job is to be present in the cycle, ride the waves and live my passion.

Be Well. Mahara 

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  1. you 2 r amazing!!! so glad u r staying true to hoping u will be able to give massage etc. at ur beautiful place again...betsy z.

  2. Betsy, It is folks like you that help me to stay on track!! xo Mahara